These are some of the photos taken and dive logs written mostly by myself or Jacques Alberts who operated in Jeffreys Bay under the African Waters Scuba brand for many years. We include these old photos and stories here, so that you can get an idea of what it looks like underwater in our area.

Dive Log 15 - 17 July 2011


On Friday the weather gave us a long deserved break and we launched at 19:00 for our night dive on Jagged Edge Reef. Danel did her first night dive with us and after being a bit sceptic now prefers night diving to diving during the day!


Dive Log - Friday evening 8 July 2011


Most of us have been out of the water a week or two (or three), and by the end of last week, we were pretty desperate for a dive. We were planning to do a night dive for the past week, but when the evening came, there was too much of a North East and the ocean was not very inviting. Especially for the launch from the main beach. After a group huddle, we decided to dive the Marina Martinique, just to see what´s really going down beneath the surface!


Dive Log - Saturday 9 July 2011 Deep Dive

 thumb_dscf1390Pramberg Reef:

As we launched for our double tank dives on Saturday morning the water was a light brown colour due to all the rivers and streams running into the ocean after the rains we had. No one thought we would have any viz during our dives as we headed out to a new site called Pramberg Reef.


Dive Log - Wild Side Dive Fest 16 to 18 June 2011


The Perfect Storm

It's hard to believe that yet another Wild Side dive fest at Noordhoek has come and gone. On Wednesday as we loaded gear and prepared the boat the weather forecast wasn't in our favour with winds of up to 42 knots predicted.

Dive Log - Sunday 5 June 2011

thumb_diveDSC_3005_01Raggies Rest. Water temp was a balmy 17 degrees for winter, with viz between 5 and 10m. Depth varied between 8 and 12m.

Sunday was a very interesting day. We had another full boat and only launched later during the day because there were some refresher pool sessions that were done during the morning. Lots of the usual suspects were there like Lucy and Bertus, and we had a couple of visitors from PE.

Dive Log - Saturday 4 June 2011

thumb_DSC_2870_01On Saturday we had some PADI Open Water Diver students who had to do some of their ocean skills as well as a Divemaster in training, and decided to do a shallow dive at what we call Discovery Channel Reef. As we kitted up, we were greeted by the sunrise and a beautiful day. For some of the guys and gals, it was their first dive in a month and they were just amping to dive, no matter what the conditions were!

Dive Log -Weekend 28 & 29 May 2011

dscf1334On Saturday we dived Moondrop Reef at the Wild Side. Big swell was running but it turned out to be a nice sunny day. We had approx 4 to 5m viz and the bottom temp was 14 deg. Due to lots of people suffering from flue we only did one launch but a big congrats to Natasha who completed her PADI Open Water diver course and an even bigger congrats to Annalize who completed her PADI Dive Master course.

Dive Log - 15 May 2011

thumb_dscf1298Due to maintenance on the boat we didn't launch last weekend although it was perfect weather for diving. On Sunday I did a dive with ODI at Fort Raggie at 15:00 in the afternoon. The visibility was about 15m and the temperature was 17deg. A per usual the dive site stood up to its name and we saw