Operating out of Jeffreys Bay or Port St. Francis.

Our boat is equipped to take out 6 passengers / divers as well as a top man (skipper).

NOTICE: We are currently busy restructuring our prices due to increasing fuel costs as well as an increase in course credits.  Prices will increase from 1 July 2022.

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SCUBA Diving

R 350 to R 450 per person per launch, depending how far the dive site is.
R 100 per air fill

Gear rental

Full kit R 350

  • Hard Gear (BC, Regulator, Cylinder)
  • Soft Gear (Mask, fins, wetsuit, weight belt)

Single item rental at R 50 each

  • BC
  • Regulator
  • Cylinder
  • Mask and snorkel
  • Fins
  • Wetsuit
  • Weights


R 500 per person
We go to a depth that you are comfortable with.

Snorkelling / Free diving

R 350 per person

Basic instruction and demonstration included

Private Charter with double dive in St. Francis - 350 USD

This is not the run of the mill group dive, but a special charter for one or two people. Foreign tourists often prefer this package. We do two dives around Cape St. Francis and you get a dedicated guide as well as skipper with it. We normally go to the Port St. Francis Ski Boat and Yacht Club for lunch or a drink after dives. If needed, full gear rental is included, so you just need to bring your swim clothes, towel, sun block and a good attitude.

Ocean Safaris - Wetsuit / swimwear recommended

R 350 per person - space for 6

An interesting sight seeing trip along the coastline. Explore Jeffreys Bay or St. Francis Bay from a fresh perspective.

Gamtoos River cruises

R 380 per person - space for 6

When the ocean is not an option due to weather or big waves, we also offer a river safari where we cruise down and up the Gamtoos river, launching from the Ferry Hotel.

Scuba Courses

Discover Scuba Pool Only 900
Discover Scuba with ocean dive 1450
Bubble Maker 1450
Seal Team 2350
Refresher with ocean dive 1450
Open Water 5000
Advanced 5700
EFR 2540
Rescue 5250
Dive Master 13750
Assistant Instructor 4250
Master Scuba Diver POE
EFR Instructor 6620
Deep 3250
Enriched Air 3250
Night 4100
SMB 4250
Shark Specialties 4450