These are some of the photos taken and dive logs written mostly by myself or Jacques Alberts who operated in Jeffreys Bay under the African Waters Scuba brand for many years. We include these old photos and stories here, so that you can get an idea of what it looks like underwater in our area.

Night Dive 12 Sept 2014 - Little Chelsea

Nudi with egg ribbonAll the conditions came together for this rare night dive. Surfers became depressed in the preceding week because the ocean did not deliver anything useful, while the divers were rubbing their hands together as visibility got better and better every day. Conditions held for the dive, and all divers waited anxiously for the sun to go down so they could get in the water.

Dive Log - 3 Aug 2014 - Jagged Edge

thumb 20140803-DSC 1183After a long hiatus with several dives cancelled due to bad weather or large swell, the usual suspects and some new faces gathered at the J-Bay Ski Boat club at the crack of dawn on Sunday Morning. Okay, maybe it was not that early, but after a big weekend, some found it hard to get out of bed. Conditions improved greatly from the previous day, with a light offshore breeze and sunshine weather, leaving the ocean like a mirror. - Report and photos by Paul van Jaarsveld

Dive Log - 10 May 2014

2014-05-10 108 640x480


On Saturday 10 May 2014 we decided to look for something new and found an amazing 42m deep part of the Long Mile Reef about 6km off shore. All the divers used nitrox which extended our bottom time but we still had to do 29min's deco stops on our way up.

Dive Log - 28 December 2013

African Waters Scuba December 2013 - Diving in J-BayWow. At African Waters Scuba in Jeffreys Bay we have been blessed with pristine weather, managing to at least one dive every day. When conditions held, we were even able to do two launches. It's great to see some annual regulars, and some of the usual suspects that crawled out of their "work caves" to experience what the ocean has to offer. Bottom temp has been in the the 15 to 20 degrees celcius range and we have spotted plenty of fish life including raggies. Satruday morning we had a full boat on the first launch, but the second launch was called off due to the wind picking up and the beach break being particularly nasty. Paul van Jaarsveld did manage to sneak onto the dive at Flatrock Reef and took some photos. Dive time was a solid 45minutes and visibility varied between 5m and 10m with a measured 15 Celcius minimum bottom temp. There are daily boat launches so if you are interested use the contact us page. We are operating from the J-Bay Ski Boat Club to the right of the Main Beach. Just drive towards Deviswijf.

Dive Log - 3 August 2013 - Discovery

Nudi Branch by Paul van Jaarsveld

With large winter storms, howling winds and stong swell running up the coast during this season, it was a delight to find some quiet weather and clean water. On 3 August 2013 the usual suspects kitted up and due to the good viz Jacques made a call to do a very shallow 6 - 8m dive at Discovery Channel. The surge was not too bad, and it was interesting to dive a bit closer to shore because the underwater landscape changes considerably from 20m to 6m. Water temp was in the range of 18 degrees and viz varied greatly between 5 and 15m depending how close you were to sand patches. Several raggies (Ragged Tooth Shark) were spotted by a few lucky divers who decided punch through sandy patches. The other group turned around and put their attention on smaller weird and wonderful creatures. The new Dive Master student group did things like search and recovery and they also did the 800m swim to shore.

Dive log 30 March 2013

I got an sms early on Good Friday that there is a space open on the boat. My planning was to dive on Saturday only, but moments later I was suited up. I grabbed the gopro and left the big camera at home, because it would take too long to rig. After two days of light onshore winds, there was a bit of a West and this seemed to clean things up quite a bit. We had a prestine dive, with viz going beyond 10m at places. This is just a quick video I put together and gives a good idea of a typical dive with African Waters Scuba. We did not spot any raggies on the dive, but there were some big yellow belly rock cod. the biggest one was too quick, I could not get the camera near to it, and the gopro does not do it justice. I reckon it was about 1m long. It hid in it's own cave, and it seemed like some other fish protected it, that was also of a decent size. Enjoy the video!

Dive log by Paul van Jaarsveld.

Dive Log 23 & 24 Feb 2013

dscf4120 640x480

What a weekend we had at Noordhoek. Four dives done and the EP Kings won! On Saturday we dived Gunners and had 17 deg at 39.1m with about 8 to 10m viz. Then we dived at X Roads and had almost the same conditions. The westerly wind made the ocean a bit choppy on top but the dives were great. On Sunday we dived Gasmic and planned to do our second dive on Suicide reef but the swell picked up and we went to Little Sodwana.

Dec 2012

Well our holiday season had come and gone and seems so distant now that everyone is back at work. The weather and ocean was really nice to us during the season in JBay and we managed to launch almost every day with some days up to 3 launches! Loads of new faces and so many new friends made. I trust you all had a super diving experience with us and see you again soon.

Dive Log 27 Dec 2012

White Eel - Jeffreys Bay Scuba diving - Photo Paul van JaarsveldWow. What a bumber holiday season we are having at African Waters Scuba! The phone was ringing a lot in the last two months with people wanting to book dives in J-Bay and we also got a large volume of online requests. We have been operational in Jeffreys again since a week ago, with multiple launches daily.

Dive Log - 6 & 7 Oct 2012

dscf3757 640x480
On Saturday we dived Shark Point Pinnacle at St Francis and although it is quite a long way by boat the reef is so worth the effort. 18 Deg water with great viz was in store for the divers. We descended just to the west of the pinnacle but due to a slight current we couldn't stay around it and had a look at what lies on the west side of the reef.

JBay Dive Fest 2012

dscf3685 640x480

Well our annual JBay dive fest has come and gone and although the wind threatened to blow us away we had perfect dives on Sunday with 15m viz and flat seas. A total of 5 launches were done during the festival with boats filled to capacity!! Raggies are back and some nice photos of them were taken during the weekend.

Dive Log - 3 June 2012

dscf3491 640x480
On Sunday we dived Jagged Edge Reef, the old favourite and once again it was a great dive. Viz was about 5m with a fresh 14 deg and bottom time of 43 min. Some new faces on the boat again and a welcome to them all from us.

Dive Log - 2 June 2012

thumb_dsc_8879_spider_crabPaul van Jaarveld writes: On Saturday morning we dropped into clean water at a spot we call Caves. Depth varied between 10m and 18m and viz was varied greatly depending on sand patches or reef. The best viz was about 15m and the worst about 5m. Bottom temp dropped to 14 degrees and it was 18 degrees on top.

Dive Log - 27 May 2012

dscf3318 640x480
After a chilly pool sessions with some of the students from the JBay Language School on Saturday we had a surprisingly warm dive on Discovery Channel Reef on Sunday. A leopard cat shark was spotted, some nice nudi's and there were still lots of fish life. A couple of double sash butterfly fish also made their appearance to the delight of the divers doing their PADI Discover Scuba dive.

Dive Log - 30 April 2012

thumb_dsc04869This long weekend proved to be way better than the Easter Weekend, with a couple of full boats and pristine dive conditions. On Monday, most people went back to work and the planned double tank launch to St. Francis was canned with a looming cold front on the horizon. Instead we opted to go and discover the unknown territory between the Kabeljouws and the Gamtoos river mouths dubbed Caves.

Dive Log - 6 - 9 April 2012

During Easter weekend the weather didn't play along and we only managed to do 2 launches in JBay. On Saturday the water temp dropped to between 11 and 9 degrees with about 2 to 3m viz. On the surface there were loads of activity with a few whales and dolphins, birds dropping like "kamakazi pilots" into the bait balls and our highlight was a huge sunfish at the surface.

On Sunday we sneaked in another launch although the westerly was blowing lightly. The rain that kept falling made it quite interesting for the 4 ladies on the boat who went along for the ride. Luckily Cobus brought 3 little flasks of "hanepoot" but by the time the divers surfaces they were all alomst finished thanks to Nellie!!

No one had a camera at hand so no pics this time, sorry. Thanks to Buks from ADG and Simon from the UK for their visit.

Dive Log - 7 & 8 Jan 2012


Rather late than never. Due to a crash in our systems and complete loss of all data we are somewhat behind with all our web site postings. Here are a few pics that Geo took while diving with us in Jbay.

To view more of Geo’s work or to order prints, please visit his webpage,

Kabeljous Caves - 2012-02-06

After searching for a long time we found the caves opposite Kabeljous river. At 12 to 14m deep a nice long dive can be experienced on this reef. Due to it being in the bay viz is not always as great but there is so much fish life. The actual caves were found to be washouts under the reef in the gulleys. Loads of juvenile fish and big fish on this reef. A nice sized Raggie and other sharks were spotted here. The usual anemone etc also found here. Here are some pics...

Dive Log - 31 Dec 2011

Getting ready to dropOn the last day of 2011 we once again opted to visit Little Chelsea and we were greeted by warm clean waters. Rob (73 years of age) joined us on the dive, which made things a little more interesting and humorous than usual (As if it can get more interesting and funny with African Waters Scuba) Paul tagged along with a wide angle setup, and took lots of photos during of the dive.

Dive Log - 29 Dec 2011

thumb_DSC_7600What better way to spend the second last day of 2012, but diving. We went to Little Chelsea (A spot we ended up visiting lots of times) and there were lots of interesting things to see including some sharks and plenty catfish. The good viz prevailed and water temp was between 19 and 22 degrees througout the dive. Here are a few snapshots of the dive.