Dive Log - 10 May 2014

2014-05-10 108 640x480


On Saturday 10 May 2014 we decided to look for something new and found an amazing 42m deep part of the Long Mile Reef about 6km off shore. All the divers used nitrox which extended our bottom time but we still had to do 29min's deco stops on our way up.

As we decsended at about 30m a Mako shark popped in to say hi. Unfortunately the stay was so short most didn't even get a chance to switch their cameras on! My Go Pro was set on taking a picture every 10 sec and the above photo is all I got so look around next time you start going down. Not everything is down there! The viz was fantastic and although our bottom temp was only 13deg I don't think anyone felt the cold! Here are a few pics of the dive: