Dive Log - 3 Aug 2014 - Jagged Edge

thumb 20140803-DSC 1183After a long hiatus with several dives cancelled due to bad weather or large swell, the usual suspects and some new faces gathered at the J-Bay Ski Boat club at the crack of dawn on Sunday Morning. Okay, maybe it was not that early, but after a big weekend, some found it hard to get out of bed. Conditions improved greatly from the previous day, with a light offshore breeze and sunshine weather, leaving the ocean like a mirror. - Report and photos by Paul van Jaarsveld

Jacques decided it's a good day to pay a visit to Jagged Edge. We dropped on the sand patch, lead by Lourens, our DM. Water temperatures were a little on the cold side, but nothing under 15 C. The dive depth varied between 18m and 16m and Paul Roets and myself decided to stick to a certain area while the others opted to go sight seeing. Jacques spotted a large ray with a 2m wingspan, and several nudis and dorids were also spotted. Average dive times recorded were between 30 and 40 minutes. I got a little cold by the end of my dive, and reached 50 bar by the time we were doing our safety stop. When we looked around, we spotted some very happy but shivering sucker sucking divers on the boat. Summer is almost here, but the air still is a bit nippy! As always the African Waters Scuba team was effecient, professional and full of humor. I look forward to many more amazing dives.


Herewith some images of the dive: