J-Bay SCUBA offers several activities / experiences all year for your pleasure and entertainment:

  • The obvious one is SCUBA Diving in Jeffreys Bay and St. Francis Bay. We offer boat dives surf launching from Jeffreys Bay Main beach or from Port St. Francis, with space for 6 divers (DM + 5 divers)
  • If you are not a certified diver but still want to dive, the Try Dive Pool and Ocean experience is exactly what you are looking for. This is highly recommended to somebody who is keen to try SCUBA Diving for the first time, but has limited time or budget. We find this to be a very popular option for tourists and holiday makers who only spend a few days in Jeffreys Bay or St. Francis Bay and who would like to sample several activities, including SCUBA diving.
  • We offer Private charter service, where we do a double dive for one or two persons, with a dedicated dive guide and skipper out of Port St. Francis. Traditionally we head to the the Ski Boat and Yacht Club afterwards for some drinks and lunch, while we fill in log books, or look over our photos / footage and discuss our dive. This is for the diver that would like to have a peronanlised experience where they are not diving in a larger group.
  • We also offer Ocean Safaris, where we give you a tour of Jeffreys Bay from the water, going past the surf spots, stopping to see surfers catch a wave. We also look out for wildlife during the trip, and sometimes spot seals, penguins, dophins and whales.
  • Then there is the Gamtoos River Safari, cruise up and down the Gamtoos River, and travel several nautical miles upstream between the farmlands of the fertile and picturesque Gamtoos River Valley. (Additional delicious picnic basket option also available.)
  • We offer a Snorkeling experience on the Wildside, at the Cape Recife Wreck Site

Gamtoos River Safari

Take a scenic tour of the Gamtoos Valley from the water's perspective. We also offer a picnic basket option, with delicious catering by Loretha from Free Range Foods.

Ocean Safari

Grab your swimwear and sunblock (or a wetsuit if it's winter), and prepare to get a fresh perspective on Jeffreys Bay. We will launch through the surf from Jeffreys Bay main beach, and take a trip down to Kabeljouws river mouth while looking out for marine wildlife. 

Try Dive Pool

The Try Dive Pool only session is ideal for somebody who would like to try out SCUBA diving in a safe space, who are either limited by time or budget to do the full Open Water course, or who would first wants to check things out before they commit to take the plunge into SCUBA diving and the ocean.

Try Dive Pool and Ocean

The Try Dive Pool and Ocean includes a pool session and one guided ocean dive.  This is ideal for somebody who is not yet certfified and does not have the time to do an Open Water Course, but would like to try out SCUBA diving in the ocean in addition to being introduced to SCUBA in a pool.