Gamtoos River Safari

Take a scenic tour of the Gamtoos Valley from the water's perspective. We also offer a picnic basket option, with delicious catering by Loretha from Free Range Foods.

The outing is normally about 2 hours long, and we travel quite far up river, as well as to the river mouth. There is lots to see, including the sandstone cliffs with various birds, and massive dunes at the river mouth which is open to the ocean. Then there is the nature and farm lands up river and the friendly waves from land lubbers and fellow boaters. We also stop on the opposite bank of the river, and take some time to discover the dunes. This dunefield is one of the biggest dune fields on the Eastern Coast, and quite something to behold if you have not seen this part of South Africa yet. This is also a good venue for a picnic. Whether you are a couple looking for a romantic cruise, or a group of friends or a family, this is an excellent way to spend and morning or an afternoon on the water in good company.