The refresher course includes a pool session and one guided ocean dive.  This is ideal for somebody who got certified a while back, but feel they lack confidence due to not diving often enough.

There is not a specific time attached to when somebody would want to do a refresher, but you will know if you feel a bit rusty or not. For some divers it's if they have not dived in a year or two, and for some they've been out of the water for 5 or 10 years.

We do provide all the equipment needed if you don't have your own, with a certified Instructor / Dive Master in a pool session that will explain, demostrate and refresh your skills and identify and correct any potential issues with your diving.

Once the pool session concludes, we will take you on an ocean dive, under the supervision of an intsructor / divemaster to ensure that you are diving comfortably and with confidence, applying your skills that you refreshed.

If you do not have your own dive gear, then all you need to bring is your swiming clothes, a towell and sunblock, and we will provide the rest.