Night Dive 12 Sept 2014 - Little Chelsea

Nudi with egg ribbonAll the conditions came together for this rare night dive. Surfers became depressed in the preceding week because the ocean did not deliver anything useful, while the divers were rubbing their hands together as visibility got better and better every day. Conditions held for the dive, and all divers waited anxiously for the sun to go down so they could get in the water.

The moon only came out after 10 in the evening, and when we launched the sea was completely flat and there was no moon yet. It was similar to launching on a dam. Skies were clear, and we could see the stars and the lights of Jeffreys Bay reflecting in the mirror of the ocean. Jacques dropped us on Little Chelsea, at the depth of between 14m and 16m. Viz varied between 8m and 10m, and when flashlights were off, we saw quite a bit of bio luminescence on the bottom. The water temps were also moderate in the range of 16 to 18 degrees. I had issues with my auto focus, but Paul Roets took a couple of interesting shots, including one of a nudi and egg ribbon right next to it. With great diving conditions, the DM said we can extend our dive a bit longer and the two Pauls only surfaced after 56 minutes dive time with some air to spare! Here are some photos of the dive, combined effort by Paul Roets and Paul van Jaarsveld.