Dive Log - 6 & 7 Oct 2012

dscf3757 640x480
On Saturday we dived Shark Point Pinnacle at St Francis and although it is quite a long way by boat the reef is so worth the effort. 18 Deg water with great viz was in store for the divers. We descended just to the west of the pinnacle but due to a slight current we couldn't stay around it and had a look at what lies on the west side of the reef.

The reef carries on with big boulders and some sandy patches. Huge brain coral and so much plant life on these reefs. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to look at fish as I had a s student on the dive, but last time we had a school of Cape Salmon come past us whilst doing our safety stop. Anemone, Nudis, fans and so much more. Some nice pics were taken of life on the untouched reef. On our safety stop we were visited by an evil eye puffer fish.

On Saturday night we had another awesome night dive. Shrimp were seen that resembles the porcelain shrimps found in Mozambique but these had a green colour to them. Good viz at 16 deg water and hot coffee waiting on the boat, what more could one ask for. Here are some pics.

On Sunday we dived Jagged Edge again . Congrats to Marlo and Ferdi on completing their PADI Open Water divers course! Nellie also completed her PADI Advanced divers Underwater Navigation dive and with quite a bit of surge made it right back to the spot. It was our last dive for the weekend as the wind picked up again and we had to say farewell to Buks and Taute from ADG. Here are some pics by Nellie.....