Dive Log - Saturday 9 July 2011 Deep Dive

 thumb_dscf1390Pramberg Reef:

As we launched for our double tank dives on Saturday morning the water was a light brown colour due to all the rivers and streams running into the ocean after the rains we had. No one thought we would have any viz during our dives as we headed out to a new site called Pramberg Reef.


The reef was named by the local fishermen many years ago and once you dive it you will understand the naming better. Quite a long boat ride as we searched for the reef but once we were there the reef showed promise on the fish finder. We bailed at a depth of 35m and as we went down it became darker and darker. As I was about to hit the floor it opened up and viz of about 4m was enjoyed. A nice 16 degrees at that depth was welcome as I waited for the other divers to settle and give me the OK. Some had the effects of Nitrogen Narcosis and took a while to settle but we soon headed south west and was amazed by the broken rock, big boulders with sandy patches. Huge brittle stars sitting on large ferns, anemone, some reefs fish, sponges, corals to name but a few things we saw on the reef. Due to our bottom time being limited we didn't have much time to look around but all on the boat said its a must dive again reef. Here are some of the pics....