Dive Log - Saturday 2 April 2011

Morn√© doing his 5m safety stopWe had a fun dive on Saturday 2 April 2011. The group was mostly the usual suspects, Mornay from Humansdorp also joined us for a first time dive with African Waters Scuba in the waters of Jeffreys Bay. Mornay was quite candid afterwards about the fact  that he really enjoyed the dive with us as all divers do who visit our untouched reefs.

Our dive was done on a reef we call Kraal, and the viz varied from good to bad depending on which side of the reefs and gullies you were. There was quite a surge from the overhead swell. Water temperature was a warm 18 degrees, and the ocean was a bit choppy with a prevailing Western windswell as soon as you got out of the bay. Highlights were Faure spotting a Dusky shark and most of the group spotted a large ray with at least a 1.5m wingspan and we are trying to get it identified. We almost got a proper photo of the ray, but it was too close and big and when it was in shot the viz was too bad and it slipped over the rock ledge and vanished.

Here are some of the photos of the day: