JBay Dive Fest 30 Sept - 2 Oct 2011

On 30 September 2011 our dive fest kicked off with cloudy, windy weather and only one launch was done due to bad visibility. On Saturday morning the weather had cleared and so had the visability. Divers enjoyed 18 deg water with 8 to 10m viz.

Five launches were done on Saturday and some excellent dives were reported. On Sunday the weather turned against us again and only one launch was done before the wind picked up and we had to put all launches on hold. An extended prize giving was held with lots of prizes and most who attended walked out smiling.

Stalls inside the ski boat club offered a variety from jewelery, biltong and diving gear. 

The new equipment room made air fills and equipment rentals easy going as it is on site and close to where the DM's did their briefings.

A big thanks to all who helped make our first dive fest a success. Here are some photos...