Dive Log - Sunday 3 April 2011

thumb_dive_great_vizDSC_6349The wind kept on blowing lightly overnight, and Sunday morning we were greeted by a glassy ocean with a very light offshore wind. The water temperature did not change much, but boy were we in for a surprise and I really feel sorry for those who did not show up for the dive. You really missed out on this one!

The viz was amazing. There was nothing like loosing the group or your buddy, because at any moment you could just look around and see all the bubble towers. The viz was so good, that some photos could be taken without the flash. This caused great frustrations for me since I am more used to shooting closeup shots with low viz. My camera´s aperture dial got stuck, which I later discovered was because of the mounting on the inside of the housing that was not tightend properly, causing the dial to misalign with the camera control. It was as if the fish were also more curious and relaxed, and I managed to get a couple of photos of fish which is normally very difficult.