Dive Log - 31 July 2011


Saturday´s dive was cancelled due to brown muddy water still in the bay flowing from the Gamtoos river after the good rains we had and some guys were just too downhearted after another great performance by the Boks.....


On Sunday as we prepared the boat and kitted up a whale was spotted very close to shore. On our way to the dive site the whale was spotted again and we went a bit closer to take a look. A very curious Southern Right mother and her calf came right up to the boat to the delight of all on board. What an experience to see them back in our waters. Faure also spotted a shark close to the surface but we couldn't find it again.

The dive was done on a new piece of reef ( yet to be named, maybe Rock Cod 3 ) as we went further east on the Long Mile reef and tried a spot about 500m off Flat Rock Reef. The viz wasn't so great with about 3 - 4 m and water temp at 16 on the surface. Some nice pics were taken by Faure and this site also has some amazing reef life.

Jeanette and Christina from Imvelaphi Safaris joined us for the boat ride and will be doing a Discover Scuba Diving experience with us soon. Imvelaphi Safaris promote the Eastern Cape and more with tours for our visitors from abroad.

After we beached the Old Landie and Steve's Pajero had to pull some guys out after they got seriously stuck whilst launching their jet ski. Out going tides on the beach are definately not easy especially if you don't have a 4 x 4 ! Landrover 3 .... Ford 0 ! Ok Pajero a half...

Here are some pics.